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CreativeBox is a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral development entity that contributes to Africa’s development by providing strategic support through project and programme development, communication, marketing, research and development, mobilization of partnerships, coordination with the development institutions, policy analysis and promotion of design and usability analysis. As a specialist development firm, Creative Box utilizes an assortment of strategies to achieve project growth. Our projects are meticulously strategized and communicated with purpose. Every aspect of consulting, research, data collection, design, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects funded by government and development partners, and social engagement is delivered with impact to drive results that surpass expectations.

Our Approach

When approaching a unique business sector, CreativeBox does extensive research that forms the base of a tailored solution designed to meet business objectives and successfully convey actionable strategies of purpose on every platform. CreativeBox understands the importance of an overall strategic plan and it is committed to focusing on every component that forms part of the big picture. CreativeBox is based in Johannesburg, South Africa but also provides virtual services to institutions all over the world. It is engaged on world-wide development issues, collaborating and supporting the lead work of Africa’s key continental and global organizations, as well as international organizations, United Nations systems, continental organizations (e.g. African Union and NEPAD), bilateral organizations such as USAID, UNESCO, UNICEF, GIZ, Walvis Bay Corridor Group, EAC, UNECA, AFDB, Africa Business Round Table and Private Sector Entities.

CreativeBox is a 100% black-owned Level 1 BEE multidisciplinary specialist development firm which combines business, design, and data with proven methodologies, tools, and comprehensive frameworks to take your organisation to the next level.

1. Definition Phase

Step 1: Brief, Step 2: Research, Step 3: Brainstorming

2. Creation Phase

Step 4: Sketching, Step 5: Development, Step 6: Refinement

3. Feedback Phase

Step 7: Presenting, Step 8: Revisions

4. Delivery Phase

Step 9: Final Delivery

Our Team is committed to contribute to collection and utilization of quality data for evidence-based planning and project implementation.

Our team’s goal is to improve the quality of service delivery in societies and enhance implementation performance. We provide support services to organizations based on their needs.

CreativeBox works on solutions that meet with development, design, and implementation strategies.

  • - Design with the user
  • - Understand the existing ecosystem
  • - Design for scale
  • - Build for sustainability
  • - Be data driven
  • - Use open standards, open data, open source, and open innovation
  • - Reuse and improve
  • - Address privacy and security
  • - Be collaborative

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October CMS

Our Classification

At CreativeBox customers include government contractors, education sectors, professional services firms, non-profits, advanced technology companies, consulting organizations, professional staffing companies, system integrators, software vendors, service organizations, and associations. Our work is in the following industries:

  • - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • - Computer Facilities Management Services
  • - Computer Systems Design Services
  • - Graphic Design Services
  • - Marketing Consulting Services
  • - Professional and Management Development Training
  • - Other Computer Related Services