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Reflections on Skills Needed for Africa’s Development Agenda

The skilled workforce remains a critical missing link in the implementation of programme and projects in Africa. This realization propels the need for concerted skills development efforts in the continent. The lack of skill provides an impetus for doing something. It is also a driving force for developing critical technical skills to leverage skills gap in the continent.

Luke Wasonga 02 Oct 2020

Re-orientation of Africa’s Infrastructural Development Compass

Development of continental and regional infrastructure is crucial for long term transformation. Inadequate access to infrastructure negatively impact on economic performance. It has been observed that poor infrastructure in Africa cuts economic growth by 2 per cent every year and reduces productivity by as much as 40 per cent.

Luke Wasonga 10 Oct 2020

Remote working U-turn for Google

Google has seemingly backtracked on its office polices, having previously told employees they’d only be allowed 14 days of flexible working and only if given special permission. The search giant has now joined the growing group of tech titans embracing remote working.

Google’s sunsetting of UA

Lynchpin’s Andrew Hood says though it might be described as a “new version”, GA4 brings with it “different implementation requirements, different metrics, different reports and different limitations for everyone to get their heads around.”

Roy Wasonga 25 Mar 2022

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