Managed Services


Managed Services

Our strategy is focused on acting as a generator, think-tank, supporter and strategic partner in identifying implementation solutions. Our approach promotes the transfer of skills and buy-in as well as the support of key clients. It addresses the needs of clients and potential clients in a comprehensive and sustainable way. The Goal is to achieve excellent and timely services to the clients in the aspects related to:

  • High quality project development for wealth creation
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative analysis of project performance
  • Effective and efficient training on project cycle
  • Capacity development for client on project management

Project Services

  • Identification; Selection; Formulation; Appraisal; Monitoring and Evaluation

Capacity development

  • Project Cycle; Project Development and Expertise; Development Facilitation

Policy and Procedure

  • Development Information; Research, Analysis and Advice on Policy Consistency; Technical Assistance; Research and Evaluation.
  • Integrating Enivironment, Social and Governance (ESG) Policies and Procedures in to development initiatives and investment opportunities.

Scenario Building

  • Generate Options and Alternative Solutions; Suggesting New Approaches; Lessons from similar Projects

Risk Analysis

  • Risk Analysis; Risk Identification; Quantification of Impact of Potential Risks

Project Identification: To make good choices of the project or program, baseline information and data is required for informed selection of the intended undertaking:

  • Collect baseline information
  • Collect and collate baseline data
  • Prepare concept on the planned project
  • Prepare preliminary analysis and appraisal of the project

Project Formulation: Formulation of the projects and programmes requires full information of what the project will aim to achieve, will undertake to:

  • Develop project charter
  • Develop project scope
  • Prepare project plan
  • Manage project implementation
  • Perform final inspection and project closure

Project Initiation: To be sure implementation, the team will help the client to consider all the critical aspects of the planned undertaking to ensure effective start-up. These include:

  • Developing implementation plan
  • Project Implementation Strategy
  • Project management approach
  • Human resources needs of the project

Analysis of Risk: Risk analysis is designed to identify and project implementation risks. The team undertake risk analysis and provide risk management solutions that may relate to:

  • Project costs
  • Internal and external factors that may influence the implementation of the project
  • Economic factors
  • Political
  • Local and international policy environment

Capacity Development: Capacity development is geared to the identified needs of the clients and aim to enhance productivity and efficiency of those working in the project. The team identify clients’ specific needs and focus on developing appropriate solutions. Our services include:

  • Project formulation
  • Project Management
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Learning on what works well
  • Risk management

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